Sort Order for API's

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I want to combine several sort orders in one call - how do I correctly specify that?

for example

Batch processing via API's - problems - like where are my processes!!

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In this example I'm using Windows 8.1, Java 1.7, eclipse and Bonita 6.3.8...

I'm using the example Maven project to do some batch programming but have a few questions, see here :


I have a running 6.3.8 Tomcat Portal where I have installed an organization, a admin user and a single process (process00, more of this later).

All OK and I can log on etc. and the process is visible via Admin sign-in.

Error: Can't find an instance with uuid...


I'm using Bonita 5.10.1

I'm using the API Rest Bonita to execute a process from a external Java application. At development environment, it work fine, the web app connect with API and run the process.

Now, I have deployed at a production environment (using JBOSS), and all work fine too, except for one case. The process on Bonita is also launched through the API, but in some cases, I pick up some files from a share resource, and save it at process var doing the next:

Error no se encuentra instancia: Can't find an instance with uuid...

Buenos días,

Estoy usando la versión 5.10.1 de Bonita.

Estoy haciendo uso de la API Rest de Bonita para lanzar un proceso desde una aplicación Java externa. En mi entorno de desarrollo todo iba correctamente, conectaba con la API y ejecutaba el proceso.

Use Bonita Engine from a JAVA web application


I've used Bonita so time ago... but now I've trying some, that I dont know how to do. I'm using version 5.10.

Well, I explain my goal:

I've developed a JAVA webapp, that is a simple form where users insert some information. When user submit the form, I save the information at a database, and at this moment, I want connect with the Bonita Engine to run a process with some vars from application.

I've read many links and doc about Bonita APIs, but I dont know exactly how do it...

¿Some help for guide me?

Thanks and regards!

Usar Bonita Engine desde aplicación web JAVA

Buenos días,

Llevo tiempo trabajando con Bonita, y he conseguido hacer bastantes cosas, pero ahora requiero hacer algo que no acabo de conseguir.

Antes que nada decir que estoy usando Bonita en su versión 5.10.

He desarrollado una aplicación web en JAVA, que no es más que un formulario web donde los usuarios cumplimentaran una serie de datos. Una vez estos datos se guardan en una base de datos, quiero conectar con el motor de bonita, para arrancar un proceso que también tengo definido pasándole un par de variables desde la aplicación.

Is it possible retry a task when its state is "ABORTED"?


I've got a trouble with a task, I assigned a task using an admin role but for some reason than I don't know after the task was assigned, bonita aborted the task, when I see the history of the case, it says "Aborted by System".

I want to know how can I enable that task (using Bonita Portal, API, or something).

I'm using Bonita 6.3.3.

Thanks in advance

how can i get user's name assigned to specific task

hello ,

i have four task

task1 service task2 human : only one user assigned task3 human : only one user assigned . task 4 service

i want to store that both task's user's name into two variable at service task . pl give me way to do that . provide me code . thanks

how can i get process initiator's city at start point

hello ,

have have one query .

in my process there is 2 task

task1 : service task rask2 : human task

when user click on start process task 1 will be executed and then task 2 will assign that user . i want to know how to get user's city at human task using this code :

Retrieving finished, done, completed (or whatever) tasks

Hello there...

As far as i know and read and "Googled", this question isn't resolved yet (in fact, im sorry for resurrect this)... Im looking for all the tasks that i marked as FINISHED on my process

Here's a little briefing

I'm trying to control a whole process using BOS6.3 REST API using a RESTful architecture I send a PUT request on the method API/bpm/case to set the task as FINISHED (this works awesome btw) I can actually run the workflow using the API REST really nicely... in fact, i can finish the whole process smoothly