Creating an API connector to pull web data

Using Bonitasoft 7 community edition. Using Yahoo yql, to get a Yahoo finance API.

I have created API calls in forms to get data from Yahoo.However I need to create a call for the same information within the process.

This seemed like viable option however I have been unable to get it to integrate with Bonita 7 http://community.bonitasoft.com/project/rest-connector

I have been getting the error,

Access to Bonita Engine using local API

I have a web application that running in the same server (Tomcat Server) that bonita.war running (I'm using BOS 5.9). Now I want to migrate this webapp to BonitaBPM 7.0 but I have a problem.

I'm wanting to access to Bonita Engine from this web application (war) deployed in the same tomcat where it is bonita.war. I'm setting the engine access through local API

Integrate a Bonita BPM process in a Java Client

Hi there,

Problem with working out how to integrate a java client with a Tomcat portal as per instructions Integrate a process into an application .

Here is what I've done so far:

API instantiateProcessWithVariables(): taking time to return instance UUID


We've implemented a workflow that is instantiated by the API method runtimeAPI/instantiateProcessWithVariables(). This method should return the instance UUID.

Document Upload to Studio via API

Hi there,

I want to upload a number of documents to Studio and store them int the repository without attaching to a process as yet (that will come later).

I have the following code in a java program that seems to work but when I open studio there is nothing in the repository.

What am I missing?

Sort Order for API's

Hi there,

I want to combine several sort orders in one call - how do I correctly specify that?

for example

processAPI.getProcessDeploymentInfos(0, 2000, ProcessDeploymentInfoCriterion.NAME_ASC);

gives me in name order

I want to do

Batch processing via API's - problems - like where are my processes!!

Hi there,

In this example I'm using Windows 8.1, Java 1.7, eclipse and Bonita 6.3.8...

I'm using the example Maven project to do some batch programming but have a few questions, see here :


I have a running 6.3.8 Tomcat Portal where I have installed an organization, a admin user and a single process (process00, more of this later).

All OK and I can log on etc. and the process is visible via Admin sign-in.

Error: Can't find an instance with uuid...


I'm using Bonita 5.10.1

I'm using the API Rest Bonita to execute a process from a external Java application. At development environment, it work fine, the web app connect with API and run the process.

Now, I have deployed at a production environment (using JBOSS), and all work fine too, except for one case. The process on Bonita is also launched through the API, but in some cases, I pick up some files from a share resource, and save it at process var doing the next:

Error no se encuentra instancia: Can't find an instance with uuid...

Buenos días,

Estoy usando la versión 5.10.1 de Bonita.

Estoy haciendo uso de la API Rest de Bonita para lanzar un proceso desde una aplicación Java externa. En mi entorno de desarrollo todo iba correctamente, conectaba con la API y ejecutaba el proceso.

Use Bonita Engine from a JAVA web application


I've used Bonita so time ago... but now I've trying some, that I dont know how to do. I'm using version 5.10.

Well, I explain my goal:

I've developed a JAVA webapp, that is a simple form where users insert some information. When user submit the form, I save the information at a database, and at this moment, I want connect with the Bonita Engine to run a process with some vars from application.

I've read many links and doc about Bonita APIs, but I dont know exactly how do it...

¿Some help for guide me?

Thanks and regards!