bpmn file


Is there any way to create dinamically the bpmn file instead of getting it from the studio (Export as ... BPMN 2.0)? Can I use the api to obtain it?


How to get Some basic Detail of Current process ? when user use it Like ::::: LOGGED USER ID , CURRENT PROCESS ID , etc

in community version , pl provide how to get following values

  1. logged user id
  2. logged user name
  3. current process id
  4. current task id
  5. current task name
  6. current case id

pl suggest how to get following

How to Get UserId of selected user in form .

I create one form with select field , and add initial value is list of user in that select field .

Please Provide code for get taskname , taskid , current Case id using Bonitasoft api

hello ,

i create one process at i want to mail Admin after task completed following details

**logged User ID logged User Name Name of task Case ID Task ID **

i found user detail by getIdentityAPI() but how to find this processes terms .

pl provide specific code or API name

thanks advance for the help

Connect to remote engine via Java API throw Exception (6.x)

I have one Java application standalone trying connect to one remote engine (Bonita JBOSS Bundle 6.x), but I get one Exception. I am using two jar for the conection: bonita-client-6.0.2 and bonita-common-6.0.1.jar.

Please, continue read the quesion on stackoverflow ---> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/22158813/connect-to-remote-engine-via-java-api-throw-exception-6-x

Bonita API to assign a task

Hi all folks

i would like to know how using the Bonita API to assign a task of a process instance from one user to another.

Example: Process A has three consecutive tasks Task1 , Task2 and Task3. User admin started the process and it executed Task1 and Task2. Now with the Bonita API Rest in a java client it's necesasry to asign the Task2 of that case ( process instance ) to the user John.

Is it possible ? I could not found the correct Bonita API method.

Thank You


How to manage multiple cases?

Is it possible to take a list of open cases that are assigned to a particular user and then perform a bulk action on them, which might be closing them, or setting a common flag that links them all?

Is there an API function that could provide an initial list (of assigned processes), which could then be managed in a process?


Where are information about the API?

I need to use the API to develop my application.

Where can I find information about the API, and example of how to use it ?