Is it possible to create a CRUD Rest Api extension ?

hi guys,

I would like to developpe a rest api to create / edit / delete data from the business data model.
I tried to use DAO object. but in bonitasoft, DAO are designed only to read data.

Any suggestion or solution to this problem ?

This is an exemple of DAO :

public interface ApprovalDAO
extends BusinessObjectDAO

public Approval findByPersistenceId(Long persistenceId);

public List findByApprover(String approver, int startIndex, int maxResults);

public List findByVote(Boolean vote, int startIndex, int maxResults);

Is there another way to bring data from BDM to UI Designer other than through a API REST?

I am using a REST API variable to bring BDM data and display it in the UI Designer, my question is if there is another way to bring the BDM contents to the UI Designer?

Can't upload a case document through /bpm/caseDocument POST request

Using bonitaVersion: 7.3.2
I'm not able to upload a document through ../bpm/caseDocument POST request
request_payload is
{"caseId": 38012, "file":"test.doc", "name":"myTestList","fileName":"test_1.doc", "name":"testfiles", "description":""}
and response is
"exception": "class java.lang.IllegalArgumentException",
"message": "Can't parse JSon",
"stacktrace": [

Variable API Rest for popular dropdown with BDM content

Following the example Expense Reports that is made available in the BonitaSoft Site I was able to create a kind of page to select items that come from the bank to create a request with that however I am not able to access the content of what was selected in the first dropdown for then popular the second Dropdown.

Perform Select in UI Designer via API REST with a Process Variable

I need to select the data from my BDM according to the contents of a process variable, I have already been able to change the select via API REST with the contents of a UI Designer transitor variable, but now I need the contents to be of a process variable , it is possible?

Assign a process variable in a REST API variable in the UI Designer, is it possible?

I have a login screen where according to the user that is logging I need to display only the companies that he / she attends, I was able to assign to a process variable the respective company code to the user who accessed the system and I have a BDM where all the Registered companies are already available to be displayed in the UI Designer but I do not know how to display the companies that have the same code as the user that is accessing, so I thought of creating a API REST variable that would only return companies with the same code , But I can not put a process variable in this query, is

select via API REST variable

How to mount a select via API REST variable with a JSON type variable in UI Designer? I need this so I do not have to be returning to the studio to be able to select.

call Rest API with python


I'm trying to call the rest REST API with python. Here is the code:

import httplib2
import urllib
import json

BONITA_URL = "http://localhost:8080/bonita/"

Bonita API

Dear All
How can I dominate the bonita API? I want to use the bonita APIs but I don't know how to use them in REST or anywhere else. is there any documentation or examples for using APIs?
Who has experience in this subject?


Delete a case from the Portal

I would Like to implement a scenario where a User is able to delete a case from the Portal.

I would like to use API to delete a case.
From the List of BPM Api's, There is a example as http://../API/bpm/case/ .

Now its mentioned that the Method is Delete. I assume that we need to change the action type of a button to Delete.

But What do I pass to the data sent on click . Do i send the API as data with correct case number.

Would a user have permission to execute the function ?