Application builder

Is it possible to create an application page using the UI designer that does not require login?

This would be useful for user registration pages.

I thought there was a way to login to a living application page by putting the username and password in the url. for example. localhost:8080/bonita/apps/appname/registration?username=anonymous&password=bpm

But when I tested this option it did not work. Is there a way to turn this feature on?

Or another way to accomplish this?

What are the Various Ideas / Scenarios / Application / Business Flows that could be implemented with Bonitasoft BPM

I have been using Bonitasoft BPM 7.3.1 for about 7-8 months .
I have a basic understanding of Bonitasoft .
Most of the processes that I have developed are pretty simple in Logic .
Mostly Capture Data , Save them in Database and Display in various formats.
I understand the portal logic as in Assigning tasks , allocating task to a group, basic logic flows.

Using Bonita Application builder >> How to simply start a new case for a given process (simple POC page, with "available actions" for creating new cases)

I designed several process using a set of simple actions.

I would like to propose a simple application page - built with Bonita application builder - listin these actions so that the "users" would have a "splash screen" for initiating different process or do simple actions that would trigger new cases to be created.

I found examples for external application that would create cases and manage a lots of things using the rest api, but it was targeted to java application, and I'd like to stick with the new bonita 7 application builder (lots faster for simple things)