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Application page not found

Hi everyone,

Me and my team are facing a strange behavior in Bonita Studio Community 2021.1


Suddenly, some of our application pages are not found during a deployment.
This is happening only to some of us, while other coworkers can deploy the application without any problem.

In our Application descriptor file the orphan pages are correctly named:


Navegar de pagina a pagina mediante link

Hola! Estoy intentando crear una aplicacion con paginas usando UI Desinger, pero cuando intento conectar un link con otra pagina no soy capaz de que funcione correctamente.

¿Alguien sabe hacer para que desde un widgets link me rediriga hacia otra pagina? ¿Que valor tengo que poner en UI Desinger?

Gracias :)

Is it possible to make an application page integrated with the navigation menu visible to only a few users?


When defining the application's navigation, is it possible to make a menu page visible to only a few users?

How to redirect to process first human task from application page?


Another question, I have an application page and i also have data to edit, and i cant do that easily in the instantiation form. So i put the editing in the first human task, but this way the user cant get from application page to this task in one click. Is there a way to do this? One link/button click and redirect to first task in the process? (process with no instantiation form)

Connecting Application Pages via Link Widget

I have an Application Page that displays a list of objects. I've added a View/Edit link for each object (using the repeat container pattern) to allow viewing and editing of the details of the object using a different View/Edit Object Application Page that I've created.