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Is it possible to make an application page integrated with the navigation menu visible to only a few users?


When defining the application's navigation, is it possible to make a menu page visible to only a few users?

How to redirect to process first human task from application page?


Another question, I have an application page and i also have data to edit, and i cant do that easily in the instantiation form. So i put the editing in the first human task, but this way the user cant get from application page to this task in one click. Is there a way to do this? One link/button click and redirect to first task in the process? (process with no instantiation form)

Connecting Application Pages via Link Widget

I have an Application Page that displays a list of objects. I've added a View/Edit link for each object (using the repeat container pattern) to allow viewing and editing of the details of the object using a different View/Edit Object Application Page that I've created.