Application in Portal

Prevent redirect to bonita portal after task submition

Hello. I am trying to create bonita application and i faced some difficalties. I have list of pending tasks in my app, from where i call task execution. My question is - is there some way to prevent redirecting to bonita portal and after task execution go to main(home) page of my application?

Publish Application

Hello All,

I have created a custom application which contains simple page with a bunch of links. The app is there, but nobody can see it. Users don't have an "Application" menu.

How can I make this app visible to all users?

We're using community edition 7.5.1.



Assign task when il click on button in application

Dans le portail bonitasoft dès qu'un utilisateur click sur faire or doit la tâche lui est automatiquement attribué. J'aimerais avoir la même fonction dans une live application avec un lien ou un bout ton


User doesn't see the applications tab

When I log in the portal with user profile the applications tab is not shown, so how can a user run an application in portal?
On the other hand if you are in administrator profile you can see the applications tab and run an application, but it is not assigned to your manager and s/he can't review it.
Thank you