Can approve in email?

I have a workflow that sends an email to an approver. Part of the email body are details for approval, "Approve" button and "Disapprove" button.

Does Bonita support approval via email? When the approver clicks on the "Approve"/"Disapprove" button in the email it will send the appropriate value to Bonita for the workflow to continue.

Is this possible?

Can I use Email, Twitter, Skype for a manager to hit an "Approval" button?

I want my manager to have a simple way to "approve" deals via email.
It would be a simple email with a big APPROVE/NOT button as shown here:

Q: Is code available for that? I realize it's REST with an email and such,
but I want to see if sample code is around to make my life easier.

If I am out in left field, please tell me. If this is available in Subscription, please tell me that as well..