Too many archived cases cause delay in Portal


When a user tries to see the tasks 'Done' from bonita portal the response takes too long to arrive. About 2-3 minutes. At first i thought there were no 'Done' tasks but when i waited for some more they finally appeared. The point is that these 'Done' tasks belong to cases that have been archived and some of them are already 4-5 months old so they are of not of much interest.

I thought of removing these cases but i found no way to do this from the portal UI, even as an admin.

Any ideas how i could solve this problem?

Personnaliser le champ de recherche des données d'un cas archivé et le formulaire d'aperçu de valeurs trouvées

Bonjour les amis,

j'utilise la version 6.2.6, j'aimerai quand on clique sur l'aperçu d'un cas qui a été archivé avoir un formulaire personnalisé ayant des champs spécifiques. et aussi personnaliser le champs de recherche qu'au moment où je tapes les nom du client qu'il m'affiche tous les cas d'un process qui conserne ce client

merci pour votre aide

How do I retrieve information of a previous case/instance ?

In my process, I store information in Bonita database in order to create reports, etc...

However, I would be interested in retrieving information of a previous case and use it in a new case. Is this possible ? and if yes, how ?