How to display an array in UI Designer?

My question is divided into two parts. Is it possible to display the contents of an array in the UI Designer, and the second part is how do I add rows to this array, and then every time I add rows to the array it appears updated in UI Designer? I'm new to BonitaSoft, if you have any tips on how I can do this. My idea was to display the array contents in a table, is that possible?

Add to an array information that is displayed from the Bank in a Dropdown

I have a dropdown that displays the information that is saved in my BDM, are several products, what I need is to make a kind of page in the UI Designer as if it were a shopping cart so that the user can make an order with several products , Is it possible to do this, add in an array with all the selected products and their respective quantities? I've got in the Expense Reports example to add line through a button however the second line is already coming populated as the same content as above

Passing Informed Data in the UI Designer Form to an ArrayList

I have a form that was created in BonitaSoft's UI Designer, where I display the products that the customer can select to want to buy, but if he wants to buy more than one type of product I'm having difficulty passing this information to my business variables.

So I thought I'd save this information in an ArrayList and then pass that information on to the business variables, but I do not think I can do it with the variables that are posted to UI Designer.

If you have any idea how I can do this, it will be very well accepted.

Como exibir as informações de um array list no UI Designer?

Preciso exibir as informações de um arrayList no UI Designer, porém estou começando a utilizar a ferramenta Bonitasoft agora, como posso exibir essas informações? Fiz um select no banco para salvar as informações no arrayList.