assign user

Release Task for Everyone in the Organization

I was able to get the user ID of the session that started the process, assign it to a process variable so that the user does not need to pick up the task again, however how can I do it so that if the user releases the task it becomes available again for everyone Organization again

I have a task that actor should select the actors of the next task from the user list.

I have a process that in one task an actor chooses the next task actors. how can perform this process by UI Designer or 6X?

how can i get process initiator's city at start point

hello ,

have have one query .

in my process there is 2 task

task1 : service task rask2 : human task

when user click on start process task 1 will be executed and then task 2 will assign that user . i want to know how to get user's city at human task using this code :

Plan Do Check Act example

Hey All,

Im looking for an example and cant believe this functionality is not requested by endusers or developers before. I would like to have a PDCA loop.

This loop is used to PLAN actions in a table, assign the actions to users (DO via tasks) with a deadline. If all assigned tasks are done or deadline is passed it will go back to the CHECK

At check you can determine to stop or continue to PLAN, where the loop starts again.