assigned task

How to Trigger email when the Assigned Actor of a task is changed

I need an Urgent help.

When a task is assigned to a user, an email notification is sent to the assigned user.
In case we need to change the assigned user to a different user, then emails are not fired.

Is there a way by which we can send emails everytime the assigned user is changed ?

There is any Documentation available. Can we refer any Java API to fetch if the actor is changed.

Is there any way to Implement this functionality ??

Kindly suggest as its urgent.


How to display the list of Pending task based on Process id and actor/lane group mapped


I have to create a page to display information from the Portal. Now this page will be like a summary page.

I need to display the pending tasks for a particular user based on user id.

I also need to display the Tasks completed by the same user.

Also I need to the show the available tasks and the allocated/assigned tasks.