6.5.0 Release Notes - Atlassian Bug Reports

Hi there,

In 6.5.0 release notes there is a bug fix I'm trying to find out more about but this question seems to relate to all Release Note items.

In the release notes we have BS-11635 No way to customize Portal footer text. But when I go to Atlassian Bug reporter I can find no reference to this bug number in any combination. But it looks like it is now possible to change the Portal Footer text.

Q1 - How do the bug numbers reported in release notes relate to those in Atlassian?

and specific to my enquiry,

How to report an Issue?

I have found a bug on bonita 6.3.1, a simple way to reproduce it and I need it fix!

Unfortunately I am not able to add an issue on "atlassian" because the button just doesn't show up! i tried to register with exactly the same mail and exact same info than here but nothing.

Anyway this is the problem... THE EXAMPLE: Step 1 and step 2 start at the begining, Step 3 needs Step 1 and Step 2 finished Step 4 needs only step 1 Step 5 needs Step 3 and Step 4 finished