attach file

recieve pdf document from an API and attach it to a process (version 7.6)


I'm trying to call an ASP.Net API using REST connector that return a pdf file and attach it to a process, the API is tested and works fine off bonita using Postman.

at the connector output operation I added this code :

form.attachment.max.size problems

Hello, I have already changed the value of this parameter and restart the service but still receive the same error:

28/10/2016 14: 24: 15,999 -0500 GRAVE: org.bonitasoft.console.common.server.servlet.FileUploadServlet File is Too Big
org.apache.commons.fileupload.FileUploadBase $ FileSizeLimitExceededException: The field pbUpload0 ITS Exceeds maximum permitted size of 26,214,400 bytes.

Any ideas?


How i can atach a file in bonita?


I have created a human task that contains a simple form. This form contains an widged of attach , so what i want to do is when user select a file, i want to store the name of file into database and in the same time saving it in some location of computer.