How can I save multiple files in association with some business objects?


I'm currently wondering how I can save some files from user input and bind them to one business object. In my project, I have a business model called XXXrequest, in which supposed to be some attachments. But the default file uploader will only attach them to the process instance, is there any way I can persist the attachments and retrieve them at later processes?

Max Attachment Size doesnt work properly

In my application, there is file upload widget. Which works fine.
I want to restrict attaching files over 15MB.

According to the default configuration this should return error from server when I try to attache a file over 15MB. But I can attach them without any error.

However, When I try to attach file size of 31MB, then server returns an error.

Any idea?

N.B. : I am trying to attach jpg, png and pdf files.

getting a rollback exception when trying to add attachments


I am using Bonita 7. I have live process . There when some users try to attach documents and submit the form , process works fine . But In certain cases, the user while trying to attach Documents gets an error. The submit button does not work for them . When they remove the attachments , then it works fine.
I have checked the size of the Attachments, its less than 1 MB .

How i can avoid save the attached document into database?


The default behavior when user attached a document through a widget, is that it going to save the filename into database and then it will be converted to a binary file and also it going to save it into database.

In my process, approximatelly are attached 20 documents per day. As you know, when a database becomes bigger, then when we want to make some mysql queries, may take more time.My aim is to avoid that the documents that user attached will save into database. instead of this, i want to save them in a physical directory.

So, how i can do this?

Is it possible to modify the limit of file size to attach?


Now i have some issues when i'm trying to attach some documents, and i found that if the file to attach has some KB, then is possible to attach without any problem, but if it has for exameple 2MB, then i get a problem, and at the end, the file it will not attached properly.

Many thanks.

How i can change the behavior of attached documents?


When user attaches some document using the attached widged, the behavior is as the follows:

(1) Convert the type of file to binary, and save it to database
(2) Also save the name of file

The problem is that we get an error if the attached file exceeds to the limit size. I don't know how i can to increase the limit .

For this reason, i don't want to save the binary file into database, instead of this behavior, i want to move the temporary file (like: pdf,image,doc...etc)to another directory.

I hope any help.

thanks a lot.

where bonita save the attached document by default?

Hi ,

When user attached a docuemnt, this it will convert in a binary file that it will save to database. Also it will save the filename.

I have understood, that the document that user has attached, will save it phisically inside the TEMP directory. Where is this directory? how i can change it by another directory?

I need any help !!

Uploading files to other locations

I understand bonita uses documents to store files uploaded by users however they are stored in the bonita database and for me this is unnacceptable. Is there a way to change this so it's stored as a file in a place I wish or is there a way to upload a file via groovy script?

Document / Attachement not selectable at parameter values


i created a new connector for cmis-functions (need my own for errorhandling and some other features). I have defined some input and output parameters and it works fine.

My Problem:

how to attach a file to a variable?

In version 6 we can associate documents with a pool or a lane but

a variable no more can be an atttachment .

how to create a variable and assign it with a document?

How receive, in a form, a reference to a file and upload this file to a Alfresco server?