Uploaded File not showing in File Viewer widget


Please I am battling to get uploaded files displayed in File Viewer widget. Steps taken:

1. At pool level, I created a document named mainDoc (Data - Documents)

2. In my Form, I added Upload widget. URL is ../API/formFileUpload

3. I added File Viewer widget on a verifying form within the same process with properties: File Source: Process Document and Process Document: context.mainDoc_ref

CMIS Connector for upload list of documents is missing


I watched with great interest the webinar Managing documents and workflow by coupling BPM + ECM and was very enthused by the CMIS connector that uploads multiple documents at once.

For some reason, this CMIS connector does not appear in my list.

How to change securely an app attachment


I want to update the version of several documents that are embebbed on an app, In Bonita 5.x I did this with the Bonita UserXP but in Bonita 6 this option is no longer avaliable, there is a way using the API or something for doing this?. The only way what I can use now is compiling a new version of the app, but this is not desirable in a production environment.

Thanks in advance.

Delete Attachments from Bonita server


I wanna know how to delete Attachments from the Bonita server after uploading them from a form.

Regards, Othmane

Bonita version: 5.9.1 Java Version: 7 Operating System: Windows 7

Some attachments are not shown inside the attachment section of UserXP

I have a problem when a case has many attachments, most of them are showed inside the attachment section of UserXP but not all, the rest of them are showed in the Documents Section of UserXP.

The list that shows the attachments is displaying 20 of them, and this doesn't have pagination's arrows which let me navigate when the number of items exceeds the size of pagination.

I have attached two screen-shots to show you the issue.

Thanks for your time.