How to pass multi attribute values from one form to another

Hi there,

Currently I can pass single attribute information inputted in one form to another but I'm cannot seem to be able to figure out how to pass a multi-valued attribute from one form to another. I tried this for example, poolvariable.mutlivaluedattributename.attributename in the value areas on the UI designer. I also have the api variable created too.


Edit: Sorry about the double post.

[HTTP-POST] How to send data to the BDM using (Web-)REST-API?

Hello there dear Bonita-Community

My question regarding the implementation is whether it is possible to update a form, without explicitly fill out
the particular form. As described in the documentation, it is possible to access the Business Process
Model (bpm) and the Business Data Model (bdm) with the (Web-)REST-API. But i don't get how to update the specifically defined "attributes" in the bdm.

Is this possible?