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How can I redirect a user from a logout service?


I have an application page that has a Link widget that allows a user to logout by running the "http://localhost:8080/bonita/logoutservice" URL.

I want the user to be logged out and also be redirected to another site when he/she clicks on this link (for e.g. The user clicks on the link, gets logged out and get's redirected to Google.com).

Is there anyway I can do this ?

How to revoke users from accessing the Main Portal?


I have a webpage that allows users to enter their credentials and then logs them into my live Bonitasoft application using REST authorization. Once successfully logged in, the webpage then redirects them to an application page (say http://xyz.com/bonita/apps/MainPage).

At this point in time, the user is authenticated but if he/she decides to enter "http://xyz.com/bonita/" as the URL into the browser, they are redirected to the main Bonita Portal.