User authentication using Google

Hello all,

I am trying to authenticate a Bonita user using Google Apps. The process would be like this:

LDAP authentication

Hi, I'm a newbie. I would like create a process where I will define more groups, where I will insert some user find out from LDAP server. How can I do that? Is it possible? Is there a tutorial?

Thanks Francesco

Custom Authentication Service

In BonitaSoft site, in the section that explains about authentication services ( is mentioned as follows: "In Subscription editions, Also it is possible to write your own authentication service. ". Could you tell me where is the documentation on creating a custom service to environments beyond those presented in the documentation (JAAS, LDAP, OAuth, CAS ...)?

Authentication and IFrame


I'm showing bonita portal form into an IFrame giving form URL (cf :

The problem is that I need to log-in everytime. Is it possible to connect to the portal through code in order to hide this part ?

Thanks :)

External authentication and Bonita Portal user existence

In previous versions of Bonita (5.*) there wasn't any need for user accounts to actualy exist in Bonita Portal. What if I don't want to use LDAP/AD authentication but some custom third party authentication mechanism which doesn't expose users through LDAP protocol? How can I overcome the need for user existence within portal?

In 5.* releases Bonita supported authentication mechanisms like Jasig CAS for example. This isn't available in 6.* community editions anymore?