Allowing any user to open any case overview


What I'm trying to accomplish is allowing any user to access the case overview of any process, even when he didn't participate in it.

Case overview authoriation


As i understand Bonita's default behavior is to limit case overview access to users involved in the case & admins.

I followed the guide at the documentation here to override this behavior carefully, I even used the reference project mentioned there to make sure i wasn't doing anything wrong, However, Default behavior isn't affected at all, Using Bonita community v 7.9.0.

What i did:

login api

hello everyone

my code is :

How can we configure authorization to instantiate a process via REST API?

In our application, we instantiate the process via REST API. In the process configuration, an actor is set as 'initiator' configured with actor mapping. But these settings does not seem to apply the authorization to instantiate the process and any Bonita user(though not qualifying for the actor mapping filter) belonging to the installed organization was able to instantiate the process.

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Raji Malla

Control access to process instances


I have a question on controlling access to process instances.

Let's take this organization:
-General Manager
-Office 1 (reporting to General Manager)
-Office 2 (reporting to General Manager)

I have only one process designed and available in the Bonita Portal.

Ho can I make sure that Office 1 can't access instances(running or finished) of processes assigned to Office 2?


Custom Authentication Service

In BonitaSoft site, in the section that explains about authentication services ( is mentioned as follows: "In Subscription editions, Also it is possible to write your own authentication service. ". Could you tell me where is the documentation on creating a custom service to environments beyond those presented in the documentation (JAAS, LDAP, OAuth, CAS ...)?