Unattended/Automated Installation?

Hi all.

I've been tasked with deploying BonitaStudio Community (Windows x64) to a few of our team members, and I wanted to know if it were possible to automate the installation (e.g. via SCCM/PowerShell AppDeploy/DesktopCentral) and if so, what are the necessary command line switches to allow this?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Setup continuous integration on Linux


I read bonita_documentation-setup_continuous integration (version 7.1).
In my environment Jenkins is installed on a Linux Box.
There is no window manager on this machine (no authorization for that).
I would not want to install a jenkins slave on a windows just for that purpose.
The documentation says "You are recommand to install a window manager on the CI in order to have process diagram ..."
Is a Window Manager mantory to make it works on Linux or not? If not what does it imply, what are the limitations?

automation of installation of Bonita Portal

From time to time I install Bonita Portal with the same configuration on a server. In my case it is very time consuming. Usually I spend about 3 hours on it.

Are there some ways to automate installation process? Which one do you use?

Pushing the limits of Bonita?

Bonita Community Edition 6.2.4; Windows 7: I realize I might be stretching my mind here a bit but I was wondering as well if I could call DLL API methods on physical instruments through Bonitasoft using jsp or perhaps an ASCII bridge. What I'm really trying to accomplish is to create logic and rules around what the instrument is able to do so a process can see them as resources to perform work. If they can perform the type of work needed and they are available then the instrument or system(multiple instruments) becomes tagged in the logic and allocated to do work.