Bonita 2021.1 - Problem in Build bar files !!

Hi everyone!

I have an problem with new release 2021.1 , tested in two workstation!

When i try to build multiple process at same time for export bar files we have long time delay!!! , And sometimes nothing happened at all ! sad_smile.png

But when we try to build process one bye one every things is ok teeth_smile.png

Please help Me!!!

Batch autodeploy bar file

I'm working on project that can be deployed each bar in a specific directory. But i need some clues.
When i'm trying to deploy a bar file trough the Engine API, you need to create a 'BarResource'. In that bar resource, you need to add a ProcessDefinition, but, the only way to get that ( that i have found), it's to unzip bar file and parse 'process-design.xml'.

It's possible to get all 'BarRessource' information without unzip all the bar files?


problem to create .bar file


I am using BonitaBpm 7.3.2 but when I tried to create .bar file of the process a messagebox error appears.
When the .bar file is creating, a message box appears that say I have errors in my process but I click continue to the export of the file.
In my process I have 7 warnings not errors and 2 messages of information.
The message error is the following:
Message of error


Bonita 6.x - BAR Files - Export - Dissemble/Decryption and Protection of Copyright.

Hi there,

BAR flies are compiled code of a process which allows them to be implemented in QA/Integration and Production setting and stops them being looked at by the unnecessary.

However I've just read in Build a process for deployment (point 4) that is is possible to simply reverse engineer a implemented BAR into a BOS and hence into studio (when using a SP version of Bonita).