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Why does Bonita 7.0.2 stop generating the groovyscripts.jar?

I have a following problem. I have about 200 processes and some 100 groovy scripts. Because the GroovyScript editor in BonitaStudio sucks, I am editing them in a different tool. From time to time (when changing a library for example) I just find/replace in the groovy scripts and proc files. But from some unknown reason, after these changes, when I build a BAR file of a process, the classpath directory does not contain the groovyscripts.jar anymore and thus the processes fail to run.

Error while creating bar file

!ENTRY 4 0 2015-11-19 09:43:52.768

Import .bar file from Bonita Server

Hi everyone,

I have some .bar files that I used to export for the the Bonita Portal. There is some how to import it for the Bonita Studio? (Using Bonita 6.2)

I really need these processes.

Thank you