Install Business Data Model, It didn't create relative table in business_data.db

Hi, I am using Bonita Studio (version 7.9.4) create bdm and export it to,

when i trying to install the to a new Server(for testing environment) , It didn't create relative table in business_data.db (Mariadb Server version10)

I found that qualifiedName seems have a length limit

when i short the qualifiedName

from "com.baeshiow.model.BSCancelLeaveApplication"

to "com.baeshiow.model.BSCancelLeaveAp" , it can create table successfully after install bdm.

Delete line in BDM from my diagram.

Hello community,

Please anyone can help me with deleting a line in the BDM from my diagram?

In my use case, i add a line, i modified a line also, but i didn't find the way to delete something.

For example in my BDM i have a table "Student" with two columns: Name and last name. and there is 2 lines in this table: James BOND and Will SMITH. In this point i want to delete WILL SMITH (not from the browser but from my diagram).

Please anyone can help me in this point.

Thank you :)

SBusinessDataNotFoundException: persistenceId of business data is null

I have a problem with a new object I created in the BDM.
I created an object "Autorisation" and added 2 variables of this type in an existing object "MainModel".
In a form, I return a json array of Autorisation and in the task operation, I have a script to set the variable of the MainModel :

is it possible to modify BDM variables in an application page?


I'm looking for a way to modify a bdm variable in an active case from an application page.

I can access the variable with the REST API using the case context but how can I make the update in the database when clicking on a button?

Is it possible or do I have to use a Process Task in order to update a BDM variable?

Is it the same problem with the case variables?

How to handle big business data in bonita studio?


I already had a question regarding this matter, but it was more of a the front end side problem.

I have and object (A) and this object has a lot of objects (B list, about 10 000 objects).

What i want to do is manipulate A object, but at the moment i dont need the B objects, i just want to modify the A object.

In the business data definition i have set B to multiple and aggregation with the setting only load when needed.

How to handle large business data


I have a little problem, it is probably easy to solve, but before i start doing some nonsense i ask for help.

There is a business data object lets say object A, and that object has a more objects as attributes, even lists. Lets say A has a list of B objects (about 20 000-30 000). If i choose in bdm settings to always load B list, it is not so efficient, and maybe i will run out of memory as well when i try to use A in business data. If i choose only load when necessary then displaying A objects B list wont be easy, and even with always load it is to big to handle.

Retrieve all tasks with their BDM values in one API


I have a list of tasks (~1000) and I'm trying to sort them with respect to their BDM values and a comparator function. For this, I'm iterating through each task, through an API for each task I'm retrieving it's BDM data, and with respect to this I'm sorting it. This takes a lot of time and is not practical. Is there a way I can decrease the number of API calls, get all tasks with their BDM values in one API call itself which could help me out?


BDM data in expression


I am trying to design a system for users to request access to modules of the intranet.

I have a business object called Modules and another called AccessRequests. In the Access Request Form the user is sending a module id, and I want to check if the module id matches any id in the BDM and if it does then send for module owner for approval. I am trying to do this in expressions in an exclusive gateway.

This is my progress so far and it doesn't work.

Can't resume BPM services after deploy BDM.

I'm having troubles to restart BPM services after deploy / install a BDM, that has only one object, with two columns, is an early implementation.

I've just looking some comments in forum, but I can't find the logs and configurations, I think that is because I'm using the lates version available to download at this days.

How can I inspect .log files to see if I have an error?
How can I solve this error?
The portal isn't showing errors, and in the BDM section, it says that is installed successfully.

Please, I need some help.

Thanks Regards