Case Overview (archived case) : how can I access variable (BDM/Process)

In general, I used the RestApiContext, which solve all theses questions.
But here, I have to analyze all the different options.
In a process, I have a BDM (let's say "invoice") and a process variable (let's say "commentOnInvoice").
I want to display in my case Overview these information.
------------------- Documentation
Reading, I used the REST API

Is there limitation for editing list of data in a table of bdm?

Hi, I’m using Bonita community version 7.8.

In my project, I want to edit list of data but something is wrong!

I get all my data in a business variables with name labs, then I edit the labs list in a script task-> operation .

After run the project in local, only 3 rows edited!

I tested projec on my server, but about 100 rows edited!

I didn't see any error in logs!

Did I try the wrong way? or Is there limition for editing all data in a table?

Install Business Data Model, It didn't create relative table in business_data.db

Hi, I am using Bonita Studio (version 7.9.4) create bdm and export it to,

when i trying to install the to a new Server(for testing environment) , It didn't create relative table in business_data.db (Mariadb Server version10)

I found that qualifiedName seems have a length limit

when i short the qualifiedName

from "com.baeshiow.model.BSCancelLeaveApplication"

to "com.baeshiow.model.BSCancelLeaveAp" , it can create table successfully after install bdm.

Delete line in BDM from my diagram.

Hello community,

Please anyone can help me with deleting a line in the BDM from my diagram?

In my use case, i add a line, i modified a line also, but i didn't find the way to delete something.

For example in my BDM i have a table "Student" with two columns: Name and last name. and there is 2 lines in this table: James BOND and Will SMITH. In this point i want to delete WILL SMITH (not from the browser but from my diagram).

Please anyone can help me in this point.

Thank you :)

SBusinessDataNotFoundException: persistenceId of business data is null

I have a problem with a new object I created in the BDM.
I created an object "Autorisation" and added 2 variables of this type in an existing object "MainModel".
In a form, I return a json array of Autorisation and in the task operation, I have a script to set the variable of the MainModel :

is it possible to modify BDM variables in an application page?


I'm looking for a way to modify a bdm variable in an active case from an application page.

I can access the variable with the REST API using the case context but how can I make the update in the database when clicking on a button?

Is it possible or do I have to use a Process Task in order to update a BDM variable?

Is it the same problem with the case variables?

How to handle big business data in bonita studio?


I already had a question regarding this matter, but it was more of a the front end side problem.

I have and object (A) and this object has a lot of objects (B list, about 10 000 objects).

What i want to do is manipulate A object, but at the moment i dont need the B objects, i just want to modify the A object.

In the business data definition i have set B to multiple and aggregation with the setting only load when needed.

How to handle large business data


I have a little problem, it is probably easy to solve, but before i start doing some nonsense i ask for help.

There is a business data object lets say object A, and that object has a more objects as attributes, even lists. Lets say A has a list of B objects (about 20 000-30 000). If i choose in bdm settings to always load B list, it is not so efficient, and maybe i will run out of memory as well when i try to use A in business data. If i choose only load when necessary then displaying A objects B list wont be easy, and even with always load it is to big to handle.

Retrieve all tasks with their BDM values in one API


I have a list of tasks (~1000) and I'm trying to sort them with respect to their BDM values and a comparator function. For this, I'm iterating through each task, through an API for each task I'm retrieving it's BDM data, and with respect to this I'm sorting it. This takes a lot of time and is not practical. Is there a way I can decrease the number of API calls, get all tasks with their BDM values in one API call itself which could help me out?