How to Delete Data

Hello, How to delete data that i have selected from table row? here is the screenshot of my project https://www.dropbox.com/s/qg4sjoxyyllqurj/Capture.PNG?dl=0 I want to add a delete function right beside the submit button. I want the data also deleted in database as well. Does anybody here know how to do that? thank you

How to visualize only the last 10 orders in a case overview page using a Custom Query and APIs?

Hello everybody,

It may be a simple question but no matter how hard I try, I can't find a solution.

Here is the context:
Similar to the "Travel Request" tutorial, I have a case overview page but with one Table widget that allows me to see the status of my order (pending, rejected or approved). For instance:

------- ----------
Cust. | Status
------- ----------
1 | approved
------- ----------
2 | rejected
------- ----------
3 | pending
------- ----------

Edit Data by Selecting Table Row

Hello, I'm trying to edit data by selecting table row in the form. Once the table row selected, the row contents displayed in the text fields and then change any text field value as i want. But i'm having an issue here. When i pressed the submit button, nothing changed instead of giving me a new row filled with null in H2 Console. Here i already put my .bos file so you can check and figure out what went wrong in my project. I'm using bonita 7.92 version. Make sure run the table TEST Update 1.0.proc to see and test the edit data and see the error. Im looking forward the solution of this.

Custom Query Doesn't Support "Update"

Hi, Is it true that BDM custom query only support "SELECT" queries? i have checked and read this documentation "https://documentation.bonitasoft.com/bonita/7.9/define-and-deploy-the-bdm" it is said that "To create a custom query, use the query tab of the Expression editor to write a query script. You can use one of the default queries as an example. A custom query can be on multiple attributes.

Error in Custom Query

Hi everyone, i am trying to create custom update bdm query. But suddenly when i started the process the error message like this "The business data 'requestCA' with the class name 'com.company.model.RequestCA', is not managed by the current version of the BDM" displayed right after i pressed the run button. I changed the query many times but the message keep appearing. These are queries that i have tried before:


Is the BDM used only for the default organization "ACME" ??

Form to add a rows into BDM

Hi all,

I'm new at Bonita and I want to know if anybody has a .bos that has a form that insert rows into BDM. I want to use it as a template and put my BDM Variables only

Add Button Widget in Each Table Row

Hello Everyone, how to add button widget in each table row while BDM data being displayed. Thank you very much

Stuck on "is not managed by the current version of the BDM" after adding custom queries to BDM

I was in the making of a process and I figured out I need to add some custom queries to my Business Data Model (BDM), I had already created some Business Variables and now when I try to run it gives me an error saying that the Business Variables originally created are not managed by the current version of the BDM.

I tried to delete the Business Variables and create them again but didn't solve the problem.

I will share two print screens and hopefully someone can help me. I'm using Bonita Studio Community Edition 7.8.3

BDM Unique Constraint for Active Processes only


I have a process in which each process instance has a BDM object associated with it. If a process has started with a BDM object, I want to prevent users from being able to start another process using the same object as the existing process. If I use a unique constraint on the ID field of my BDM object, users are prevented from ever being able to start a process using an object that was used in the past, which is not what I want. I only want to ensure that a process cannot be started using an object that is being used in an active process.