How to update BDM object programatically

I want to update a BDM object programmatically.

In my new BonitaSoft project, I use REST API extensions to drive the process. Front-end will be developed later using Ionic and Angular.

Any one know how to do this?

Error trying to get TransportRequestDAO - java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.company.model.TransportRequestDAOImpl

Hello. I am trying to retrieve data from business variable in java application. I found this thread https://community.bonitasoft.com/questions-and-answers/access-business-d... and main advice was to add bdm-model.jar and bdm-dao.jar in my pom.xml. But problem is - there is no such files in BONITA_HOME/engine-server/work/tenants/1/data-management-client/client-bdm.zip. There is no such path, no directories. (I am using bonita v7.5).

Studio BDM in MySQL

Hello All,

I changed the workspace/tomcat/setup/database.properties file as follows:


However, when I modify and reset the BDM it isn't deployed to database, it remains empty, with no tables. The tomcat log only contains this:

Access DAO object in Constraint script

Hello All,

It seems it's not possible to access DAO objects in a Constraint validation script. For instance, when I try to validate using objectDAO.findByCode(input.myCode, 0, 1), I get the following error:

objectDAO is neither defined in the script nor in dependencies.

Is it so or am I doing something wrong? And if so, what alternative is feasible to validate input data against BDM (database) values?

Thank you in advance.

How to reset the engine BDM in the BonitaSoft Portal?

I know that in studio when we want to zero out BDM it is possible to do this by going to the BDM manager and it can be reset when leaving the manager, but how can I clear the BDM that I imported for the portal? I tried importing the BDM again but it always displaying content that I have already deleted from the database, if you have a ideia

Start process automatically

Is it possible to configure in Bonitasoft studio that a process starts automatically at certain time of day? I ask this because in this process, my BDM's are filled with the data of the external banks, and it may be that the contents of these banks change during the day, such as when a client changes address, his or her registration will be auterado, so it would require that the Process would start automatically at certain time of day so that the information is updated, something else that would be useful too, how can I reset my BDM?

How can I populate my BDM in the Pool?

It is possible to populate my BDM in the pool, I usually get my BDM popular through operations on my tasks but I need to be populated already in the pool because I have a form in my pool that brings the BDM contents, so my question is, is it possible To load the BDM with the contents of external Databases in the pool?

Is it possible to create a CRUD Rest Api extension ?

hi guys,

I would like to developpe a rest api to create / edit / delete data from the business data model.
I tried to use DAO object. but in bonitasoft, DAO are designed only to read data.

Any suggestion or solution to this problem ?

This is an exemple of DAO :

public interface ApprovalDAO
extends BusinessObjectDAO

public Approval findByPersistenceId(Long persistenceId);

public List findByApprover(String approver, int startIndex, int maxResults);

public List findByVote(Boolean vote, int startIndex, int maxResults);

Is there another way to bring data from BDM to UI Designer other than through a API REST?

I am using a REST API variable to bring BDM data and display it in the UI Designer, my question is if there is another way to bring the BDM contents to the UI Designer?

Variable API Rest for popular dropdown with BDM content

Following the example Expense Reports that is made available in the BonitaSoft Site I was able to create a kind of page to select items that come from the bank to create a request with that however I am not able to access the content of what was selected in the first dropdown for then popular the second Dropdown.