Request for a sample process that gets the value from Java Object into the Bonita UI Form- Bonita 7.3.3 Subscription

I am trying to get the value from the Java Object to be shown into the Bonita UI. I am able to fetch the result from the process variable; However, my use case is to get the values from the java object directly.

Request to let me know the procedure to fetch the result from the java Object or a sample .bos will be appreciable.

Create a Process receipt (In PDF form) to be sent to a local folder.


I am trying to create a receipt containing all of the process information and the BDM information from the process. The receipt would be added to a local folder every time a user would complete the process, and the receipt would be in PDF format.

My first instinct was to build a custom connector, and use 'pdfbox' or 'xreportdoc.' However it would be great to do this using the existing connectors and tools in Bonita.

child object in a composition can't have two parents?

Hi, I'm trying to create an object with two parents. dbm is configured in a Oracle XE 11g, but when i try to set the second parent, i get an error.
My objects: (1)goClasifSoligo parent of goSolicitudGO, (2) goSucursal also is parent of goSolicitudGO.

BDM - Text datatype and PostgresSQL


I have objects with some fields of "Text" datatype in my BDM.
My BDM is stored in PostgresSQL 9.3.
It works fine with Bonita process and application.

When i want to select data with SQL query, i can't retrieve text fields correctly. Thoses fields contains numeric values (ex : "1367862").

Have you the same problem ?
How can i retrive the real text value ? Is there a mapping table ?



To BDM or not to BDM?

Hi All,

I am currently evaluating Bonita v7.2.3, trying to decide on a BPM workflow engine + development methodology to go with.

In my experiments, I have tried to create a use-case where a user can manage a list of objects. This includes creating object instances (successful) and deletion of selected objects (unsuccessful). I have postponed trying to update objects and handling Pagination for now.

From what I can see, using BDM for such a concept is complex at best and unproductive in trying to remove objects from the BDM (both memory and from the H2 DB).

Return a subset of fields from REST app call to bdm

Using v7.2.3

How can we return only certain fields from a business data REST app call? We have a business object with say 20 fields and we just want to populate a select widget on a form. So we only need the value key (persistentId) and a display key. No need to transmit all 20 fields.

Crear y guardar BDM Object en Groovy

Saludos, tengo un detalle.. estoy tratando de crear un bdm object por medio de groovy el cual se manda llamar en una operación de una tarea.

def noExpObj = new ConsecNoExp();


al final del groovy regreso la concatenación del objeto de la siguiente forma:

def res = noExpObj.getPrefijo() +"-" + noExpObj.getConsec().toString();

return res;

BDM - Instabilité


J'utilise Bonita 7.2.0.

J'ai une table ayant plusieurs champs pointant sur d'autres tables (utilisation de relations du type "Agrégation" avec l'option "Toujours charger les objets liés").

L'API Rest me retourne un flux JSON avec les informations de la table principale ainsi que les informations des clés érangères (objet JSON imbriqué)

Mon problème est que le service REST est instable. Lorsque je rafraichit le service REST, le flux JSON change : je n'ai parfois rien dans les objets imbriqués ou parfois des valeurs différentes.

Basic data question

I have a table in a SQL database that is updated by another system that just adds rows to this table. This table has 20 columns and 10 column values come from this system. Now I need to create a Bonita application that would periodically pick new data rows from this table, run a process against each row data and update the remaining columns of the row as the case proceeds.

Error using JBoss bundle + SQLServer 2008 (Updating Schema Fails) Bonita v7.1

I'm trying to deploy the BDM into the server since three days ago and i'm facing the following error. Could you help me to solve it, PLEASE?

Stack Trace: