BDM aggregated objects JPQL

How to achieve a LEFT JOIN between two tables


I have a table A and other B. Table B has an aggregated field referring table A.
I am trying to list all elements from table A not referenced in table B.
The goal is to show this list in a process Form.

How can I do it:

  • Through JPQL
  • Through Javascript

Thanks a lot !

BDM & Stored Procedure

I wonder with the arrival of BDM, if I chose as RDBMS (postgresql) for example. es that I could run stored procedures directly in the database. Because I do not know if the BDM have the same basic architecture as a normal relational data. foreign key etc.

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j'aimerais savoir avec l'arrivée des BDM, si je choisit comme SGBDR (postgresql) par exemple. es ce que je pourrais exécuter des procédures stocké directement dans la base de donnée. Car j'ignore si les BDM ont la meme architecture qu'une base de donnée relationnelle normale. clé étrangère etc

How to use data objects with joins on aggregated BDM objects with custom JPQL requests ?

Hi there,

I'm wondering if (how) it is possible to use specific data objects in the bdm and use JPQL custom requests with joins in order to retrieve composite / agregated data of other business objects through the standard Bonita bdm API?

This in order to retrieve main data from a core object with, for instance, joins and counts of aggregated sub-objects built within the DB layers to be directly displayed on forms.