BDM Error

Database Error, dbVendor is null

Hello! Bonita was working fine, but unexpectelly (after windows 10 license upgrade) stop to work. and setenv.bat files are both properly configured. I tried too with setup tool, but same error appears. Im using tomcat server 8 and bonita 7.7:

localhost.2020-01-15 logfile:

Stuck on "is not managed by the current version of the BDM" after adding custom queries to BDM

I was in the making of a process and I figured out I need to add some custom queries to my Business Data Model (BDM), I had already created some Business Variables and now when I try to run it gives me an error saying that the Business Variables originally created are not managed by the current version of the BDM.

I tried to delete the Business Variables and create them again but didn't solve the problem.

I will share two print screens and hopefully someone can help me. I'm using Bonita Studio Community Edition 7.8.3

Error occurred while deploying the Business Data Model

Can Anyone help me?
I made a change to the BDM and after i did, the thing it not want to deploy.
I also get the following error when i try to run the process:
The business data 'leaveApproval' with the class name '' is not managed by the current version of the BDM.

Any help will be appreciated