BDM to Postgres

BDM & Stored Procedure

I wonder with the arrival of BDM, if I chose as RDBMS (postgresql) for example. es that I could run stored procedures directly in the database. Because I do not know if the BDM have the same basic architecture as a normal relational data. foreign key etc.

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j'aimerais savoir avec l'arrivée des BDM, si je choisit comme SGBDR (postgresql) par exemple. es ce que je pourrais exécuter des procédures stocké directement dans la base de donnée. Car j'ignore si les BDM ont la meme architecture qu'une base de donnée relationnelle normale. clé étrangère etc

Business Data Model - Text type - @Lob annotation

I have a BDM "Event" with a field "Note" type 'text'.
My db is PostgreSQL.
Bonita saves and reads correctly the data.

I have another web application with Hibernate.
I mapped the Event object with the same Bonita mapping.
Bonita mapping note with this annotation:

String note;

When I executed a HQL query
"select Note from Event"
in my application it returns a long value...I aspecting a String value!

Errors while loading to a Postgres Bonita server

The attached .zip is an extract from my 6.3.7. studio and can be loaded to the local portal which is of course based on H2. When loaded to our Bonita server with Postgres database it reports errors as also visible in attached log file.

Can somebody please help me in solving this issue?

The .zip & Log-file can be found on