bdm update

How to fetch data in UI designer and update the records.


I have a scenario wherein I want to update records once created when it is rejected by the approver. First I created and fill up the task when I submit it will go to the manager. When the manager login and rejects the task it will go back to the initiator and the initiator will update the fields required. I want to fetch the previous data and will allow the user to update his/her records then will submit again to the manager.

business data object getting set with empty values

I have a form with 10 fields which gets opened up when I click "Run" in Studio (Bonita 7.2.0). A user fills this form and submits. When I see the form in form editor, the "value" field carries values like "formInput.applicantBdmInput.firstName", "formInput.applicantBdmInput.lastName" etc.