More general use REST API BDM search

Hi! I'd love some input and ideas, because it feels like I am missing something or thinking of this the wrong way.
I am using bonita to create the process definition, process steps and the business data models. I want to be able to search these existing BDM records via the API based on the fields that exist in the model.

Say you have 3 fields:
- DateCreated field of date type
- Comment field of string type
- DecisionStep of int type

Select a user and store his ID

Hello guys !

I want to select a list of users in a form and store them in the database.

In my project the user wants to select some projects (create a video / create a website / create a poster / ....), Each "project" has his own object in Database. For each project the user should be able to select a list of user who will be in charge of the project.

How to fetch the contracts and BDM operations for each task using REST API

Due to an unfortunate Incident, My work Laptop crashed and now I am unable to retrieve any Data.
It contained all my Development work related to Bonita BPM.

Now I have to recreate all the Processes.

I was wondering is there any way I can fetch all the details of all the tasks.
I am trying to fetch the contracts of each task and the BDM Operations defined for each task.

Export bdm from Bonita Platform

Can we export the from the Bonita Platform Server?


Problem about Business Data Model with PostgreSQL DB

Hi, everybody

We have a Bonita platform defined with PostgreSQL DB (a main BD and Business Model)..

I've interested in testing the Procurement example, using a BDM. Read data and delete data running success, but when I'll try to insert a new records (new MyObject), appear in the Window Code Inspector the follow error:

How to fetch Data from BDM using a Specific Criteria

Hello Community

I am trying to Implement a scenario . I have stored user name, emails and Password expiry date in my Database.
Now Bonita process will Search the Database and for those where the Expiry date is 15 days from current date, the Application will send an email to User notifying about the Expiry date.

Please help in implementing this.
1) Could we use a JPQL query to return a List of Dates ? But we cannot assign this output to Process variable. Nor can we assign the output to BDM Object variable.

How to update composition BDM with Groovy Script?


I created composition BDM and add all contracts using by the groovy script

Once I return the BDM I need to update all contract, so, I added update groovy script, however, I got the error,

Please help me what is the error to indicate.

Thanks in advance

This is the addall operation groovy script

def testTimerList = []
//For each item collected in multiple input
boolean status = false;

7.7.4: Displaying business data in Form based upon data entry scoped in a collection

Really pulling my hair out here. Working on our first "real" bonita project. We have an instantiation form that references multiples of a business object (a LineItem) via a Collection. For each LineItem there is the requirement to enter an account code (we call it a combo code). Once the user enters an account code we want to query the BDM and have it display the details about it (so they can ensure they've entered the right code)

Cant Update BDM values inside a Process Operation

I have table which stores all the Employee Data like name, Email, phone no etc.
My Goal is edit and modify data like Phone number or email for a particular employee in my table.
As I understand, we can edit or modify records only inside a process using the Operations section.
For POC purpose , I have a Saved the persistence version for a particular record like 40 inside a variable.
Now using the Query parameter, I am using the findByPersistenceId to load the particular instance of the table.

How to Update a particular row in BDM

I have a Simple Process where Users can modify their information like first name , Last name and Mobile number.
For this, I have created a Table and Populated the table with users data.
Now in my process , I use a REST API to pull Data from the Table and display in the Form to the user.