Failed to get information in bdm and used it in operations.


I am getting the max value of a certain column in bdm table using custom query with parameter. Then I call the query using DAO and used it in the operations once the manager have approved the task. But when i run the task it always fails. I set the petCashNo to store a new series of pet cash no. Just want to create a petcash series number

This is my custom query

SELECT MAX(p.petCashNo)
FROM PettyCashHeader p
WHERE p.branch = :branch

Return of custom query is single

This is how i call my query in operations

Pass information from a process variable to the attributes of my BDM

I need to save the contents of my process variable to the attributes I created in my BDM, how can I do this?

Link para o arquivo .bos:

How to convert code and id in forms bonita?


I need to convert the id and code to name. I save the id and code in my main table instead of the name. But when I display the content of table it shows the id and code. I have tables that handle the equivalent of the code and id. How can i convert it in my UI Designer. Please help. Thanks

Dropdown not showing data from BDM


I want to create a Dropdown, that Displays all the data from a Business Data ModelTable called "Customer".
I created a custom querry to get all the IDs (called getAllIDs):
SELECT persistenceId
FROM Customer

On my form I created a variable with the following external API:

In the Dropdown I selected then uses this vaiable in the "Available values" field and I enterd PERSISTENCEID as the "Displayed key".

But I'm still not getting any values!?

How to find the max string length for a BDM class field?

If I have BDM class "" with a string field "field1", declared to have a max size of 80 in the business data definition of the studio, how can I determine this max size in groovy connector scripts (or other script types).

In particular: I'd like to be able to add contract constraints to police the max lengths allowed without having to hard-code the length in the BDM definition and all related scripts, constraints and expressions.

I'm pretty sure it has something to do with annotations, but I cant work out the correct syntax.

Many thanks

User Task Not Found Exception using BDM in Bonita ui

I have developed test application using BDM and Bonita ui designer in Bonita BPM Community Edition Version : 7.3.1. I have business object named "BusinessObject1" with one string type name and "namebd" as Business Variables of "BusinessObject1".
In Step1 i created one Input:

formInput | {"nameInput" : {"name" : ""}} | JSON
in step1 operations i added:
namebd steName

config bdm fo postgres

I've configured bonita 7.3 for postgreSQL
both engine db and business db.
engine db work well but there is some problem in business db.
i cant resume bpm service after add my bdm.
(bdm imported successfully and tables was created in db)
here is my error in protal :

`org.bonitasoft.engine.exception.BonitaRuntimeException: USERNAME=install | org.bonitasoft.engine.transaction.STransactionCommitException: javax.transaction.RollbackException: ARJUNA016053: Could not commit transaction.`

and my log file is :

Composition relationship BDM


I'm using Bonita 7.3.1, and I'm using BDM for the business data.

I have read that if I set a relationship between BDMs as "Composition", the child only can exist if the parent exist, so I suposse that if the parent is deleted, the child must be deleted in cascade. But when I have done a test, if I tried to delete a parent, a error message is shown because I am violating a constraint for the foreign key.

What would I do for define a cascade delete for the relationship?


Problem binding dropdown with BDM


I'm using Bonita 7.3.

I have created the following BDM:

  • Notificacion (BDM Object)

    • codigo (String)
    • descripcion (String)
    • obligatoriedad (BDM Object)
  • Obligatoriedad (BDM Object)

    • codigo (String)
    • descripcion (String)

At the beginning of the process, I initialize a process var type "Notificacion" from BDM with an operation (with "findbypersistenceid").

Doubts with BDM use


I have used Bonita 5.10, and now I'm starting with Bonita 7.3. I have testing the BDM, but I have some doubts:

  • BDM replace the use of any other external bd with his own model? I have to implement some processes for notifications management (register, management, execution...), and I will need consult this notification from an external page through API. Using only BDM I can store all data asociated with notifications?