how to connect a new business objects instance with an existing object instance


I'm fairly new to Bonita BPM and worked through getting started tutorials.
I practiced with forms that allowed me to create business object instance who themselves have aggregate object instances of another type.

Now I'm wondering if it is possible to connect a new business object instance to existing(!) aggregate object instances of another type. And if this is indeed possible, how to do this ....

Thanks in Advance,

child object in a composition can't have two parents?

Hi, I'm trying to create an object with two parents. dbm is configured in a Oracle XE 11g, but when i try to set the second parent, i get an error.
My objects: (1)goClasifSoligo parent of goSolicitudGO, (2) goSucursal also is parent of goSolicitudGO.

how i can see record data BDM the results of form filling?

after I tried to run diagram using BDM and the UI have been made, I want to check on the incoming data, which will be called within an information table. but I do not know where to look. or what should i do for get all data to value from one table?

does anyone know?

i am using bonita 7.2


How to get BDM Values in every Human Task Form?

I created a process and want to get BDM Values submitted by the Initiator in each and every Human Tasks Form,
how can I achieve this, can any one help me?

How can I get BDM Values from Initiator form to Dept Manager Form

Hey guys,

I have created a process using BDM,
At First Step:
1. Initiated user fills the form and submits, it goes to his Manager.
2. Manager reviews the form, and I am using ../{{}} to get BDM values from User submitted form, and now Manager Submits the form and it goes to his Dept Manager.
3. Dept Manager reviews and when I am using ../{{}} I am unable to get form values submitted by Initiated User, I am only getting Manager choosen form fields, not from Initiated form .

How can I get BDM Values in Email Connector


I am developing a process where I need to send email to a user after Initiated user fills the form(I am using BDM),
now how to use BDM values in email connector, I want to send what the form values entered by initiator in the Email connector.

My actor filter need access to the BDM


I am writing an actor filter that needs access to the BDM.
I am struggling with the BusinessObjectDAOFactory as createDAO method need an APISession parameter. My problem is that the APISession seems not to be accessible from the filter method.

Here is my code:

How are changes to BDM handled?

How is the evolution of BDM handled? Adding or removing columns (fields), renaming, and other operations. I don't see any documentation on this. Is this done outside of Bonita by accessing the DB directly?

Trying to get data from Postgres into BDM

My goal - read the entire postgres table customers and put it into a BDM table.

BOS file, log output, and Postgres table definition are in the "CASE1" folder in my Google Drive public folder. I know that the test is nt BPMN2 compliant.

I've created two BDM tables. One a working table, the other a reference table (bdocustomer and bdoPGcustomer respectively).

groovy conectors, problem accesing bdm data

Greetings, Im having troubles with the bonita MicrosoftSQL server2008 conector. I need to make a query that depends on the data stored on the bdm. The exact problem is I can't access the bdm data from the groovy script witch is creating th query

thanks a lot for the help