How can I get BDM Values from Initiator form to Dept Manager Form

Hey guys,

I have created a process using BDM,
At First Step:
1. Initiated user fills the form and submits, it goes to his Manager.
2. Manager reviews the form, and I am using ../{{}} to get BDM values from User submitted form, and now Manager Submits the form and it goes to his Dept Manager.
3. Dept Manager reviews and when I am using ../{{}} I am unable to get form values submitted by Initiated User, I am only getting Manager choosen form fields, not from Initiated form .

How can I get BDM Values in Email Connector


I am developing a process where I need to send email to a user after Initiated user fills the form(I am using BDM),
now how to use BDM values in email connector, I want to send what the form values entered by initiator in the Email connector.

My actor filter need access to the BDM


I am writing an actor filter that needs access to the BDM.
I am struggling with the BusinessObjectDAOFactory as createDAO method need an APISession parameter. My problem is that the APISession seems not to be accessible from the filter method.

Here is my code:

How are changes to BDM handled?

How is the evolution of BDM handled? Adding or removing columns (fields), renaming, and other operations. I don't see any documentation on this. Is this done outside of Bonita by accessing the DB directly?

Trying to get data from Postgres into BDM

My goal - read the entire postgres table customers and put it into a BDM table.

BOS file, log output, and Postgres table definition are in the "CASE1" folder in my Google Drive public folder. I know that the test is nt BPMN2 compliant.

I've created two BDM tables. One a working table, the other a reference table (bdocustomer and bdoPGcustomer respectively).

groovy conectors, problem accesing bdm data

Greetings, Im having troubles with the bonita MicrosoftSQL server2008 conector. I need to make a query that depends on the data stored on the bdm. The exact problem is I can't access the bdm data from the groovy script witch is creating th query

thanks a lot for the help


REST - Initialization Form - best way to get last BDO?

What's the best practice method to get the most recent (previous) BDO into the Initialization Form?

JPQL is short of many functions, not least get 1 record

Select Top 1 * from table t order by t.somekey

I've tried

Problem to access query with Rest Ful Api

Hi everyone.

I am having a problem to access findby methods defines into BDM, when I want to invoke in "Ui Designer". If I define this variable with this external api source like this:
dont have any problem, but when I want to use find methods where I need to pass some varible like this:
"../API/bdm/businessData/com.puce.model.Empresa?q=findByIdbonitagrupo&p=0&c=20&f=15" where f=15 exist into the database.

I don't know if it is a sintax problem or another thing.

Business Data Model - Text type - @Lob annotation

I have a BDM "Event" with a field "Note" type 'text'.
My db is PostgreSQL.
Bonita saves and reads correctly the data.

I have another web application with Hibernate.
I mapped the Event object with the same Bonita mapping.
Bonita mapping note with this annotation:

String note;

When I executed a HQL query
"select Note from Event"
in my application it returns a long value...I aspecting a String value!

Aggregated BDM sub-objects filling from UI forms

Hi there,

I'd like to get some best practices / how-to info regarding filling BDM fields in sub-objects connected with aggregations.

For instance, I'd like to use a global process pool object "Research" containing aggregated subobjects such as "Operations" that are to be created & populated.
The main "Research" fields are populated in a first form attached to a specific task and the "Operation" subobject list is to be populated within a repeat container in a following form.