Call a business data (custom) query with multiple filter

Hey guys,
I created a table like in the "getting started tutorial": https://www.bonitasoft.com/resources/videos/getting-started-tutorial?des... and everything works fine.

But now I want to get my table filled not with items via one filter, but with two.
So the actual code looks like this and its working:

access bdm query on groovy script for an actor filter

Hello again, i have a question extremely complex.

I have created an actor filter, that have a name as input.

on the implementation, in the java code, i need to access to a query from my dbm called userreviewbyuserinit, that query extract one name of a reviewer from a table that is defined on a custom user table on my bdm.

anybody know how can i access to a bdm table query on a groovy script.

i don't know if this is going to work but i need to access to a table that is custom, it have 3 columns initiator, review1, review2.