7.3.0 Community - Tomcat deployment on Ubuntu - help required

Following the instructions: but with the new 7.3.0-deploy release.

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

When I try to start the tomcat service I get an error:

adminuser@ud73007:/opt$ sudo service tomcat7 start
Job for tomcat7.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status

Bonita 7 - Tomcat SQL Server

Je souhaiterai réaliser une installation Bonita 7.1 - Tomcat 7- MSSQL Server 2012 sur un Windows Server 2008 R2
Dans la configuration des environnements : il est dit que qu'un environnement Tomcat/SQL Server ne serait pas supporté et ne fonctionnerait tout simplement pas à cause de Bitronix.

Use of inbuilt Hibernate and Bitronix JTA

Hi there,

I would like to make use of the inbuilt Hibernate and Bitronix JTA for my own database.

I can see where the resources for the databases are defined in /bin/setenv.bat, /conf/ and /conf/Catalina/localhost/bonita.xml but have no-idea how to do the database access portion of coding, does anyone have an example of java code to do this?

Accessing the datasource, reading a set of rows, inserting and updating a record.

Many thanks and best regards Seán

Bonitasoft 6.2. on Windows Server 2008R2, Tomcat 6 and SQL server database.


I followed all instructions to configure bonitasoft for SQL server. When I start bonitasoft the tables in the database are created (which proves that the credentials and permissions are okay). However, I keep getting the same error after the tables have been created.