Can I upgrade Apache Tomcat to the newer version?


We'd used Bonita (7.7) as part of the system. Last month, the client had told us that they wanted to upgrade Apache Tomcat to the latest version. My concern is that when we firstly implemented the system, Bonita was installed with Tomcat bundle, so I'm not sure will there be any issue if Apache Tomcat was upgraded separately.

Is it ok if I upgrade Apache Tomcat without upgrading Bonita? Are there anything I need to concern after upgrading?

Thank you in advance.

Bonita PWA ?

Hello bonita team, thank you for building this cool bpm platform, you had a great job.

I had a simple question.

Bonita UI Designer in application can be responsive, is there possible to build progressive web app using bonita ?

Is there any tutorial to build pwa using bonita ?

How to integrate bonita and UI path in bonita community edition

How to use connectors in Bonita community edition for integrating Bonita and UIpath? How to create API's to post data into UIPath?

Change port on Docker Bonita Container

Hi Follow this thread, how can put the Bonita container to work in another tcp port, have a LMS working with the 80, 8080 ports....

This works? have 81 8081 open in FW.

docker run --name bonita -d -p 8081:8081 bonita

Thanks in advance

Saving data on user task


Y'a-t'il un moyen de sauvegarder les données entrées par l'utilisateur dans son formulaire liée à sa tâche, avant l'envoi de celle-ci ?

Pour certains formulaires, cela prend du temps aux utilisateurs et ils doivent chercher les informations à plusieurs endroits.

Si la page du bonita web Portal, dans laquelle il a commencé a entrée des données, se recharge, toutes les données entrées sont "perdues".

Merci d'avance.


Is there a way to save data input by our User on Bonita Portal, in their userTask, before they submit it ?

usertask contract returns empty arrays

I've called '/API/bpm/userTask//contract' and it returned :
"inputs": [],
"constraints": []
but the task has many input fields in the view.
why the response is like that and what does this api must return?

Managing Organizations through studio and portal


I made an organization with some groups and roles on the studio, and deployed it on localhost.
Now, I added a new role through the portal, which worked properly, but this addition or change isn't reflected on the studio. Now, if I add a new role through the studio and deploy, this new role is added in the portal, but also the old role I'd added on the portal is still present, even though it wasn't present in the studio organization.

Is this a feature, where you persist the changes made on the portal, or is it a bug?


Configure Bonita Server (WildFly bundle) to start as Windows Service

Need help configure a Bonita Server 7.7.3 (WildFly 10.1.0.Final bundle) to start as Windows Service at Windows Server 2012!
Currently I can start it only for my user session (which is inconvenient for many reasons), but can't start it as a Windows Service :(
Can't find appropriate documentation (I was able to find it only for Tomcat bundle).


Bonita form migration from 6.x to 7.x

Do we need to create forms again while migrating forms from v6 to v7? or is there any other way of migrating?

Docker - Unable to contact EngineAPI


I'm trying to create multiple docker container with a docker-compose.
I have 3 containers:
- bonita
- postgres
- webapps

In my webapp i have one application that's use EngineAPI to do some actions, like launch a process.
When i'm tryin to connect to bonitaEngine, i've got this error: