Confirm email textbox

I am very begginer in Bonita. Would you be able to tell me how can add a Confirm email-address in my form please?

Screen shot of my form :

Loking for assistance through developing application?

Hi guys! Im doing my school project in Bonita. Since i am just starting using Bonita, i feel lost. I am developing an application for ordering and paying drinks in bars. My first question is, is it anyhow possible to import document as manu and its prices? I've created the process but i can't figure out data :( Please help anyone!

Use of MySQL in bonita

I have some questions regarding the use of MySQL in bonita:

Bonitasoft Tomcat cannot find path

Very new to Bonita here...

I am getting an error when using the startup-bonita.bat file that says 'The system cannot find the path specified'. I'm not sure what path it is referring to. I have gone through both the startup-bonita.bat as well as the setup.bat file looking to find a directory that is missing but I cannot find one.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

How to use my own user and group database table (or services)

Hi all.

I have an application that contain user authentication and user/group information services.
Now, I want integrate my application with Bonita process API, and use my existing user/group services (authentication, query, list, insert, delete, ...).

What should I do, please ?


Bug in Version 7.6.0: Message content value - no expression types shown/selectable


I think I found a bug in Bonita BPM community edition 7.6.0:
1. Create a send message event
2. General -> Messages -> Add
3. Message content -> Add
4. In field "Value", there are no options shown.
5. When you click on the pencil symbol, there are no expression types shown in left column. Normally here shoud be the following options: Constant, Java, Parameters, Script, Variable.

In Bonita 7.5.4 this is working.

(Sorry for my bad english)

How to pass a business variable to a different pool?

Hey everybody,

I'm having a problem passing business variable data to different pools. I try to use "throw message" and "receive message" to pass the business variable data to another pool, but i don't get any data in the other pool.

Could anybody help me please?

Connect bonita with external forms

First I would like if someone can point out extensive information about connecting external forms with Bonita BPM. That would be very helpful.


I found that for a human task to use external forms instead of the UI Designer one, I have to

Can we trigger multiple Subprocesses by using single call-activity?

Issue In Detail:

For example if you take call activity we can call one sub process by mentioning sub-process name in [Call-ActivitySelect by clicking on task]General--> Subprocess--> Name, In the same call can we call more than one Subprocess at a time? If yes can I have sample Bonita flow or script to trigger multiple sub-process.

In subprocess selection: I have script written, in that script i will get list of sub-processes, so i need trigger all sub-process at a time[parallel].

Thanks in advance, please let me know if you need more information on same.