Bonita 6.3.1

Throw and catch signal don't function correctly 6.3.1

I'm stuck with this problem ... i tried to use an "AND GATEWAY" there but couldn't use it , so I am trying to use event - signals to make pools wait for each other and I am not being able to do that either! any suggestion may help thanks

that's my diagram model



I got a big trouble with Bonita today. I was working normally in a process and suddenly I got a "Java heap size" error, I don't know where did it come from.

Then I close Bonita Studio and reboot my pc, then init Bonita again for working and see that it can't open my process.

I got a backup for my process but Bonita can't import it, I've change the JVM, change heap settings (Xms and Xmx args), reinstall bonita, try it in other pc but I can't recover my work.

How to report an Issue?

I have found a bug on bonita 6.3.1, a simple way to reproduce it and I need it fix!

Unfortunately I am not able to add an issue on "atlassian" because the button just doesn't show up! i tried to register with exactly the same mail and exact same info than here but nothing.

Anyway this is the problem... THE EXAMPLE: Step 1 and step 2 start at the begining, Step 3 needs Step 1 and Step 2 finished Step 4 needs only step 1 Step 5 needs Step 3 and Step 4 finished

And Gateway BUG?. bonita 6.3.1

I imported some projects from Bonita 6.04 wich worked perfectly there and now it's showing this error: "All Incoming transactions must come from the same gateway (explicit or implicit)." The error is displayed in every "and" gateway that i use when all inputs must be received before the process can continue . if what the error is saying is right, then the documentation is wrong and i don't know how to do it, if it's not right then what? downgrade or wait for new version?