bonita 6.32

Purging data in archive tables


In my environment, I'm using the Tomcat bundle installation of Bonitasoft Community edition v 6.3.2. Database is MySQL. I've noticed that the archived tables are large in size. Is there a process that purges data after a certain retention period?

Log files removal


I am running Bonita 6.3.2 Community Edition. I have many engine log files created in my bonita_home/tomcat/logs folder. It appears that these files are never removed since I have files from 2015. Is there an automatic process to remove older log files? Is it safe to manually remove older log files?

Modify Process Model after upgrade of Bonita platform


I want to upgrade Bonita from v6.3.2 to v7.3.3. I have a few process models that were created in Bonita Studio 6.3.2. I need to make changes to these models after Bonita is upgraded. Do I have to recreate my models to fit the latest version of Bonita? In other words, once Bonita is upgraded, can I import my modified model into the portal?