bonita 6.4

API call comes out empty

I'm trying to implement a custom page to better serve my needs, I do a POST request to the bonita/loginservice as described here however if I try to do any sort of other calls (like one to system/session/unusedid) it always comes out as empty, am I missing something?

To better clarify what I have is a custom login page, I send the login data via post to bonita/loginservice with a redirect to another page and on that page I do a call to another api however the response comes as empty.

Changing portal look

Using the community version (6.4.0) is it possile to change elements around in the portal. I've looked around and I've seen it's possible to change the css but I'm talking about moving elements around, more specifically, moving the processes tab to the default tab and hiding the Cases tab (at least for the momement as it's not seen as needed). Also helpful would be changing the names on the labels as the target audience although might have english speaking capabilities will not be speaking english as a first language (it'll be european portuguese)

REST API bug found executing a task /bonita/API/bpm/activity/[activityId]

We are using REST API to complete humanTask and we have found that sometimes we get a Response Status Code 404 Not found but the activity complete without error on bonita engine. This behavior is strange and happens just 3/4 times a day but we have many other activity completed of the same type. No error is logged on the bonita application log only the 404 response on the jboss http log, at the same time we log the 404 error the activity is signed as completed on the bonita engine DB without any error.

how to do a decision using exclusive gatway based of the result of the select box choosed in the first form

hi, i'm using bonitaBPm community 6.4.2 in my process the first step the client have to complete a form which contain a select box the value of the selected index will be the decision of the next form , so i'm using an exclusive gateway which give 5 possiblity to choose the next process can someone help me . here it's the picture of my process


Is Glassfish Supported in 6.3 and 6.4?

Hi there,

I notice in the Install documentation 6.3 here that the referred to Bonita is 6.1 and 6.2, and in 6.4 here Glassfish is not even mentioned.

Can someone confirm

1) if 6.3 should in-fact refer to 6.3 or is even a valid install, and 2) if 6.4 is, or is not, supported for Glassfish?

thanks and regards Seán

:) - it's 10:00AM in Saudi Arabia...Where is Bonita 6.4?

:) - it's 10:00AM in Saudi Arabia...Where is Bonita 6.4, isn't it released today?

Thanks in advance, regards Seán