bonita 6.5.x

Add script after Body tag

I'd like to add a script just after the

Error while installing report in Bonita 6.5.1

Cannot install report in Bonita 6.5.1. Report is developed in iReport and is installed successfully in Bonita 6.3.1 portal.

Any suggestion/information would be helpful.

Here is the engine log:

6.5.0 Release Notes - Atlassian Bug Reports

Hi there,

In 6.5.0 release notes there is a bug fix I'm trying to find out more about but this question seems to relate to all Release Note items.

In the release notes we have BS-11635 No way to customize Portal footer text. But when I go to Atlassian Bug reporter I can find no reference to this bug number in any combination. But it looks like it is now possible to change the Portal Footer text.

Q1 - How do the bug numbers reported in release notes relate to those in Atlassian?

and specific to my enquiry,

? Bonita BPM Studio now uses Eclipse 4.4, and supports Java 8.

I understand that BPM Studio now can run with Java 8, as per the Release Notes.

But is doesn't say anything about Portal. Does portal execute on Java 8 as well?

Thanks and regards