Bonita 6.X

Remove files from folder "bonita/temp"


I've installed Bonita 6.x and noticed that the temp folder holds multiple files. This folder takes up significant amount of space and I wanted to know if I could remove these files. The files consist of mainly content files (.css, .jv, images, .html) and a bos-engine folder. I've read a couple articles where one article states, to delete the files and another article states, not to delete the files. Are these files significant in order for the system to run correctly?

Retrieving variables from call activity (BOS 6.X) via API REST

Hi there!

I have 2 pools connected by a call activity. Is there any posible way to retrieve a(all) variable(s) from the "children" pool via API REST?

Here's a briefing :)

Getting variables from call activities using API REST (BOS 6.X)

Hello there

I have 2 process diagrams (MyDiagram1, MyDiagram2) connected by a call activity, i mapped a variable for each process, but i want retrieve/update the variable data from 2nd pool via API REST

I need it for call a DataBase connector inside the 2nd pool.

if i update the variable in the 1st pool, the 2nd takes the value and execute the connector like a charm, but now, i need to update the variable on the 2nd pool in order to execute the connector with new data

Which OS for mobile version of Bonita ?

Hi everyone,

Do you know for which OS Bonita mobile is compatible ? iOS or android or both? Thank you,


PS: I have Efficiency version of Bonita 6.3

Validating size of documents


I have a form and a upload widget working fine. When submited, it sets the file in a document defined in my process. I need to validate de size of this document. I try to create a grovy script validator but i just have a instance of org.bonitasoft.engine.bpm.document interface and it not have methods to get lenght. How can i validate the size of documents?


Look at the Actual State of a current process

I'm starting some projects on bonita 6.0.4 but something that users complaint is that they still have to carry on with the old spreadsheet to visually and clearly see the state of a process, i would like to change that with a googledoc spreadsheet if it's possible, if not i think of loading an excel spreadsheet with some database information with the connector and a macro but that's messy. What do you suggest of doing?

Embed bonita page in an iframe

I'm trying to embed a bonita workflow in an iFrame but the server is refusing because X-Frame-Options is set to 'SAMEORIGIN'.

I've developed a custom frontend that incorporates bonita flow in an iframe. They are running on the same host but the port is different (:5000 and :8080).

The X-Frame-Options was not a problem when developing and launching bonita process through bonita studio but, I'm trying now to deploy it in JBoss (I'm using JBoss bundle provided by bonitasoft) and I'm getting this error.

Upload a list of files and list it


I'm working in a pilot project using free bonita community. We need to upload a list of files in each task forms, but we dont know specifically how many files is. The users need to access this files in forms too. I'm trying to do this:

Exam Certification for Bonita 6.x ?

Hi guys.

Is there any exam certification for Bonita BPM developers v6.x ?

JAAS configuration in Bonita 6.X

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to configure a JAAS authentication in a Bonita 6.2.5 Community Tomcat bundle but it seems that i can not change the login module. I have changed the LoginManager at "BonitaBPMCommunity-6.2.5-Tomcat-6.0.37\bonita\client\platform\conf\" to org.bonitasoft.console.common.server.login.impl.jaas.JAASLoginManagerImpl I enabled the SECURITY_OPTS at setenv.bat and I added it to the CATALINA_OPTS: