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Please i want to have in one step more then one form so i use pageflow but i see only the first form and no form available in this case.
please help!!

Javascript brokens when uploading file using chrome browser

Hi there.

I'm facing a (new) problem trying to upload files in Google Chrome (versions 55 or 57, the same behavior).
The browser console shows me the following:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'innerHTML' of null
at jsd (6DE7E7109D6A9A5FD243E59C759F3789.cache.html:2686)
at Wqd (6DE7E7109D6A9A5FD243E59C759F3789.cache.html:2592)
at wm (6DE7E7109D6A9A5FD243E59C759F3789.cache.html:2540)
at 6DE7E7109D6A9A5FD243E59C759F3789.cache.html:1949
at 6DE7E7109D6A9A5FD243E59C759F3789.cache.html:2243

Memory Leak problem


I am running Bonita 6.3.2 Community Edition, Tomcat 6, Java jre7. Sometimes, on the server, there's a spike in the CPU Usage. As a result, the system hangs. I'm not sure what could be the cause of this, however, based on my understanding of Tomcat, I believe Tomcat could be causing the memory leak. I have a task scheduler set to stop and start Tomcat on a daily basis. I thought this would fix the memory leak but it does not. Moreover, I've noticed that the bonita/temp folder takes up significant amount of space. Could this be the issue?

Ejecución de BonitaSoft sin Studio abierto

Buenas Tardes,

Tengo instalado el software bonita bpm 6.5.4, en el momento que inicio(ejecuto) el estudio de la herramienta la aplicación del portal se inicia de manera correcta, pero una vez cierro el estudio el portal deja de funcionar.

Estuve iniciando el servicio por medio del comando de tareas pero aun así no sube el servicio.(startup.bat)

Agradezco me colaboren.

Error when connector insert many values into SQLServer database


I executed this SQL and the insert worked fine, but when I used in a bonita connector the following log error occured: