Bonita 6.X java API

Bonita errors server


I'm having the following errors when running bonita in JBoss. I tried to disable an App and I had this error:

How to delete a Document in Bonita 6.x?


I cannot find any information on how to delete a Document from a process using Bonita 6.x API.

With Bonita 5.x we can do something like this: runtimeAPI.removeAttachment(processInstance.getUUID(), attachment.getName());

Do we have equivalent API in Bonita 6.x?


How to Access and Use bonitasoft Core database , Java API

I downloaded bonitasoft 6.2 for a first time comuunity version .

i m total new in this field .

i want to send email regarding that perticular case id , creation date , logged user name , etc core data which is stored in bonitasoft's core database (h2) i guess , so how can i use this details .

i want to mail this detail to logged user email id .


ProcessInstanceUUID class on Java API 6.2.2


I do not get to adapt the following code instruction on Java API 6.2.2 of bonita, please if someone knows something please share...

ProcessInstanceUUID puuid = AccessorUtil.getRuntimeAPI().instantiateProcess(new ProcessDefinitionUUID(processName, processVersion));