Bonita 6.X

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The example shows how to use multi-instantiated tasks in Bonita BPM. The goal is to create multiple instance of the same activity, how to manage different environments for each instance, how to assign each instance to a different user, how to get results form each instance and how to put a condition over that multi-instantiated task.

Alert/notify by mail users in a group

Hi! We are going to start using bonita and alerting/notifying that you have a task pending is a must, i had read many other posts but i haven't find a solution,
I would like to send a mail to everyone in a group. i was thinking to do a script to generate coma separated mails but i don't really know how to do it. can you help me? Thanks in advance!

JSONP Support

Can we use JSONP in Bonita 6.X?