Bonita 7 Community Edition

Can't find Search pane in Studio


I wanna improve the Portal search field to filter particular values in cases and display the result.

As the Bonita documentation, this is done by defining search index :

How I can use the output of a custom connector to set the initial value of a variable that can be displayed in the UI?

I have tried to assign the output to a process variable (a text I get from a external syste) but I am not able to show this value into a widget.

Is there a way I can do this using the community edition?

Thanks and regards,

Sample Application - Travel Tool: Submit Button does not work

I am using Bonita BPM Community Edition
Version : 7.1.4
Build id : 7.1.4

I am trying to create the sample application Travel Tool.

  1. The travel tool home page appears showing pending and approved travel requests.
    URL: http://localhost:13130/bonita/apps/trs/trshome/

Persistence BDM in multiple pools

I have a problem with a Business Data Model that I use in a parent process and in a called process. I tried to set the mapping but I can't get the value of the object on the called process (the object on the called process stays null).

Also I don't have a contract because I use the Bonita 6.x legacy form.

It is correct to assing the mapping using the "assigned to data" option?

Repeatable container styling

Hi everybody,

i'm trying to style a repeated container item depending on the value of a boolean variable. There is a list of bdms with attributes like date, text and author and so on... So if the bdm comes from a customer i want to use a other style (color, alignment) than if it were from an internal employee.

Form Validation in UI Designer

Is there a way to validate the user input in a UI Designer's form?

I want to show some text error below a required field widget. I can show the constraints messages in the page but I don't think this is the correct way to report the errors.

The required property on the widget says something about $form.$invalid as boolean but I don't know hot to get this value.

Any help?

Problem with "POST" Button and BDM API Call (Empty Error Message)

Hey there,

i've got a problem with the Bonita 7 UI Designer Button (Bonita 7 Community Edition)

I try to load the contents of a Table Widget when i click on a button. Therefore i created a button, set the action to "POST" and entered the URL to an API Call. I leave the "Data sent on click" part empty. Both "Successful response value" and "Failed response value" are mapped to empty String variables. The first one is used to fill the table and the second one is displayed for debugging reasons...

The following happens:

Reporting in the community edition

There is any way to get report on the Bonita Community 7.x ?

Thank you.

Using Bonita Application builder >> How to simply start a new case for a given process (simple POC page, with "available actions" for creating new cases)

I designed several process using a set of simple actions.

I would like to propose a simple application page - built with Bonita application builder - listin these actions so that the "users" would have a "splash screen" for initiating different process or do simple actions that would trigger new cases to be created.

I found examples for external application that would create cases and manage a lots of things using the rest api, but it was targeted to java application, and I'd like to stick with the new bonita 7 application builder (lots faster for simple things)

How to update form created in UI designer when Contract changed


I use Bonitasoft 7 Community Edition and UI Designer.

I have a human task and I created Contract and form in UI Designer. Later I changed (or added) variable in Contract. Is it possible to update form automatically? Or how can I add new widget for any variable from Contract.

How can I format Labels in UI Designer? How can I set color, font, size, ... for Label without using CSS? (Html tags did not work for Labels).

Note: An "Undo" button will be useful in UI Designer :)

Thank you!