Bonita 7.2

Old user icon not removed after updated with REST API

I am uploading user icons through REST API.

It works as expected and on first run I get my 1170 files in tenant work/icons/users directory.

The problem is when I run a second time my job. All the icons get duplicated on disk... The old user icon should be deleted when it is updated.

Find users in a group having a role in another group

In my organization, roles are used to describe a user job. For instance I could have an IT role in /acme.

Now I am trying to find all the users in the HR Group (I have its id) that have a given role in /acme

Is there a way to build such a query using SearchOptionsBuilder or should I iterate over the users in HR Group to apply my second filter?

If not... well that would be a nice addition!

Cannot use variable interpolation for placeholder


I am using BonitaBPM 7.2 community edition.
I have a text input and I wanted to use as a placeholder "Last available number: {{ myNumber }}"

The UI designer tooltip for placeholder suggests this is a valid option. Nevertheless this does not work and I get {{ myNumber }} as a placeholder.

I solved this by adding a text container with the hint inside but this would be nice if placeholders could effectively contain variable interpolation.

¿Por que no es evaluada una expresión JSON en las formas?

Hola, tengo una situación con Bonita 7.2.1 community donde las variables tipo JSON no son evaluadas en la forma y se visualiza la estructura JSON completa, Esto sucede apenas siguiendo el tutorial con Google Chrome y Firefox. Esta imagen corresponde a la forma reviewTravelRequest pero sucede lo mismo con TravelTool.

Access process variables from instantiation form (7.2)


I am new to Bonita BPM so maybe I am not doing the right thing but here is my scenario.

I want to create a process and I need some reference values from our ERP (Oracle database). Those reference values are only revelant during the process execution so I created some process variables and a in-connector that populate the process variable

The question is I do not know how to access the process variables from the instantiation form. I looked at the BPM api but being an instantiation form there is no caseId I can use.

So two questions:

Building First Maven Project Error


I'm using Eclipse to build my first maven bonita client project and getting some errors. Using the rest api example project located at

This is very confusing because my maven built successfully and the httpclient.jar is located in the Maven Dependencies location.

Please help...