bonita 7.2.2

How to connect a new installed Tomcat-Bonita server to an existing Bonita database

We have an operational Windows-Tomcat7/Bonita7.2.2 (community) installation, configured for Oracle11g
All good. It has been running a process successfully for a couple of years. Hundreds of Cases open.

Unfortunately we need to replace the VM that is hosting the Tomcat/Bonita server in the next 2 weeks.
Of course we want to keep the existing database and Processes/Cases/etc.

AuthenticationManager implementation null does not exist


I'm using Bonita 7.2.2 and I am started getting below error :

How can i update a task priority via REST API

I use:


with the var i have the task id.

When i try to update the task priority from normal to highest i cant make it via API REST.
i send: {"priority": "highest"} to try to update the field.

I'm using bonita bpm 7.2.2

Thanks for the help.