bonita 7.2.3

Formularis de pruebas

Buenas, tengo una duda con respecto a los formularios de prueba o de desarrollo, necesito saber si es posible utilizar esos formularios en produccion.

Tengo una aplicacion hecha en bonita studio 7.2.3 con formularios 6.x y utilizando los formularios de prueba, entonces quiero saber si puedo utilizar esos formularios en producción.

UI Designer invalid input number

In UI Designer if an input is for a number a user can input alphanumeric text. $form.$invalid is then triggered and the submit button can be disabled.

Nevertheless there is no error message associated with this input / error which leads users to seek for a forgotten mandatory input field.

It would be nice if an error message was displayed next to the input. Another nice addition (wishlist mode) would be a "regexp validation" for complex user cases (I know I can write a custom widget for this but I feel it would benefit the whole community)

how i can see record data BDM the results of form filling?

after I tried to run diagram using BDM and the UI have been made, I want to check on the incoming data, which will be called within an information table. but I do not know where to look. or what should i do for get all data to value from one table?

does anyone know?

i am using bonita 7.2


How to send data form into mysql database?

I would like to save data from form into mysql database, and i'm trying to get the values from a mysql DB into a select list as possible values.