bonita 7.3.3

Modify Process Model after upgrade of Bonita platform


I want to upgrade Bonita from v6.3.2 to v7.3.3. I have a few process models that were created in Bonita Studio 6.3.2. I need to make changes to these models after Bonita is upgraded. Do I have to recreate my models to fit the latest version of Bonita? In other words, once Bonita is upgraded, can I import my modified model into the portal?

How to Pass the value of a variable via external URL link in bonita .

I have a Web application which is developed in codeigniter(PHP), Now we would like to make automation for some functionalities, I have Some UI pages developed in php, The questions is how to pass the value of some variables from bonita via external url link to the UI pages. now i'm using bonita 7.3.3 version.
Thanks in advance.

Change the tabs in Bonita (e.g. Tasks, Cases and Processes)

Hi Guys,

I would like to ask how to change the tab name and content per tab in bonita. I already change the color and other layout but cannot change the name and design of per module in bonita. I like to change the name of tasks, cases and processes and also the content per module. Do you guys have any idea how to do this?

Thanks in advance guys.