#bonita 7.x

Bonita Design pattern

Dear All
Are you analysis the Bonita source code? I hope that someone does it. I explore the source code of Bonita Community and because the lack of documentation about implementation I can't understand the design pattern of bonita-web or bonita-studio projects. If someone finds out the design pattern of bonita, please share it. It may be very useful.


Rest API Post and Put methods get unauthorized errorcode 401

when i send request get with
username and password
to login service
i get 200 ok

when i send request get
to ip:port /bonita/API/bpm/process?p=0&c=100
i get response and get all processes

when i send any post request
like ip:port /bonita/API/bpm/case/
and in body
{"processDefinitionId": "6397493661701515732","variables":[{ "name":"pp","value":"87874"

i get unauthorized eror 401

and this error appear for any post/put request
My Bonita version 7.4.2 with wildfly server

Assign Task to Group or Multiple Users


Is there anyone who knows how to assign task to multiple users and assign also to group? The purpose is since there are times that the main approver is not around so it needs to be approved by other user. Please help.


Upload document to instantiation form with other data as well,using api

how do i upload a document to my instantiation form,where i have other data as well like name,address etc. .I want to start a new case using an api call and for that i am using "/API/bpm/process/processDefID/instantiation" and sending the name and address as payload. i want to know how do i send the document data to instantiation form(in payload or call another api to upload document to instantiation form) as its mandatory to upload document in the instantiation form.

How to create an interface or extraction of data using bdm


I just want to create an extraction or interface file of data from bdm. Is this possible and then create a file with a format type that depends on our user?

Please help. Thanks

How to create a custom case overview


I want to create a custom case overview showing different fields. First is the gatePassNo from a new bdm table then the taskname where the task is and then date created from the table where the gatePassNo is also found. But dont know how to create this following. I put all this field in a default table in UI Designer but the following fields came from different bdm table. Please help to create this.


Add drop down menu to portal

Dear All
How can I add a new drop-down menu below language and about in setting tab in Bonita portal Community version? is it possible add a tab in navbar? I mean add it next to the "Processes" tab.
Any suggestion is acceptable.

Best Regard.

How to set the initial value of Input Form in UI Designer


Just want to ask how to show in the input field a specific value. I want to show it once the task is been returned to the user for them to see the initial value and then they will decide whether to retain the value or not. I used java scripting method but it is not working. I don't know if my javascript below is correct since I dont know the name or id of the input box in bonita. I only use the value I assign as the name of the field and then set the value.

Here is my javascript below:

How will I force the user to comment in bonita


I want to force the user to encode a comment in the comment tab when they will reject the task. The comment tab I am talking about is the default comment tab in bonita when viewing the task not the custom comment input.

Please help.